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Mar 1, 2013

Bea Stotzer, Board Chair, announces search for new President of Insight Center for Community Economic Development.

February 20, 2013

Dear Colleague:

I am writing today to share some important news. After 9 years of outstanding leadership to the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, Roger Clay has decided that he will step down as President and CEO, effective with the selection of his successor. 

Roger intends to continue to be engaged with the issues of economic and racial justice and equity that have been central to Insight’s work during his tenure. It has been our good fortune to have had Roger guiding the Insight Center for most of the past decade and we look forward to continued collaboration toward those goals.

In 2003, Roger was appointed President of what was then the National Economic Development and Law Center. Roger’s tenure with Insight has been characterized by these words: excellence, continuous development, and growth. Under his leadership, the organization became The Insight Center for Community Economic Development, clarified its mission of removing systemic and institutional barriers that create or maintain economic insecurity, focused its programs on building both income and assets as the key to achieving economic security in economically vulnerable communities, and raised its national profile and influence.

Ever the responsible leader, Roger has discussed his plans with the board for some time, allowing us to undertake this transition with adequate time, planning and care. As we write this, we are well on our way towards recruiting Roger’s successor. The board has appointed a transition committee, developed a transition plan and engaged a consultant to help us manage the executive search and transition.

The Transition Committee is chaired by former board member Paul C. Hudson, Past Chairman and CEO of Broadway Federal Bank. Other committee members are Board Chair Bea Stotzer, CEO of New Capital, LLC; Prudence Beidler Carr, Esq, Vice-Chair; and former board member John Foster-Bey, CEO of CSR, Incorporated. We have engaged David Erickson-Pearson, an executive search consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the community development arena to assist us with the search. Please click on the links below to see the Position Profile and Description.

We are confident that our capable, committed staff and dedicated board of directors will continue to move the Insight Center toward our goal of helping people and communities become and remain economically secure. We ask you to join us in conveying to Roger our heartfelt thanks, as well as wishes for good fortune and much success in his future endeavors.

Best wishes,

Bea Stotzer, Chair