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Toolkit for Workforce Funder Collaboratives

Regional workforce funder collaboratives (RWFCs) act as a powerful means to advance individuals with low incomes and limited skills to quality jobs that pay self-sufficiency level wages, and meet employers' pressing workforce needs.  By targeting resources and coordinating planning, these initatives have begun to have a dramatic impact on the economies of key regions around California. Central to the work of funder collaboratives is the sector approach. Based upon research and analysis of regional economies, local training and educational capacity, and the needs of key industries, these initiatives are able to determine which industry sectors will be able to best meet the needs of low-income communities, businesses, and government. The result is a win-win for business and community, and establishes the opportunity to create vibrant and sustainable economies.

This toolkit was developed to offer insight and suggestions to existing funder collaboratives, as well as groups interested in creating new collaboratives in their regions. In addition to the material presented in this toolkit, there are links to relevant material that may also help address your questions.

In this toolkit, we hope you will find the information you need to advance your work and help move low-income families and communities closer to economic security.