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Aug 25, 2015

We Need "All Hands On Deck" to Activate a National Inclusive Competitiveness Movement

Op-ed by
Henry A.J. Ramos, President & CEO, Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Johnathan M. Holifield, Architect of Inclusive Competiveness

A recent New York Times and CBS News poll found that Americans increasingly believe just a few people at the top have a chance to get ahead in America today. The poll additionally revealed that most Americans feel we can do better with more even access to the nation's wealth.

These opinions span the breadth of our political spectrum, with the vast majority of Democrats and most independents agreeing that access to wealth should be more even, and Republicans being closely split./p>

Given these views, and considering the nation's vastly shifting racial and ethnic demographics, it is clear that America increasingly requires a serious policy transformation designed more fully to equip and empower all Americans, and especially our growing populations of Black and Latino youth, to capture our nation's best emerging economic opportunities.  

Read the Op-ed here.